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Despite a slight decrease in the past year, nearly one in three healthcare firms still utilize technologies like Meta Pixel, despite regulators' warnings about privacy infringements. These trackers enable companies to gather and distribute individuals' sensitive health data to advertisers and marketers, sparking significant privacy apprehensions.

Read LOKKER CEO Ian Cohen's latest article in Total Retail, titled 'The Top 4 Web Privacy Challenges for Retailers.' The article emphasizes the importance of protecting customer data and complying with evolving privacy laws in retail.

The article "The Rising Stakes of Healthcare Data Privacy in 2024: The Need for Practical Guidance," authored by LOKKER CEO Ian Cohen for MedCity News, highlights the growing importance of data privacy in the healthcare sector.

This article written for HealthIT Answers delves into the impactful changes in healthcare data privacy regulations enacted in 2023, notably spotlighting the Washington My Health My Data Act (MHMDA). This legislation mandates explicit opt-in consent for gathering specific consumer health data and empowers consumers to litigate against companies for breaches. Key highlights encompass the necessity of a distinct "Consumer Health Privacy Policy" on company websites and the mandate for opt-in consent when sharing data with third parties.