Is Your Consent Banner Putting You at Risk? Request a Complimentary Consent Verification Analysis Report. 

Real-time data protection for
the web.

Eliminate privacy threats without
affecting web functionality.

Privacy Edge® Provides Real-Time Protection from Web Privacy Threats.

With Privacy Edge, quickly identify and block third-party pixels, trackers, and cookies that may collect and share customers’ data and violate
privacy laws.

Scan and confirm if your privacy program and consent management are working correctly.

Eliminate your exposure to unauthorized scripts with real-time blocking technology.​

Protect your customers’ data in real time with website data loss prevention (DLP).

Customize your data compliance based on jurisdictional requirements.

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LOKKER web privacy software solutions, Home
LOKKER web privacy software solutions, Home

Cookie Consent is Not Enough.

Privacy regulations like the CPRA, HIPAA, and GDPR require explicit permission from visitors to collect and share their data.

Protect your visitors by allowing customers to opt into safe, vetted trackers and cookies that won’t put their privacy at risk and will keep your company compliant. Privacy Edge works alongside your consent tools by providing continuous, real-time detection, alerting, and blocking of trackers and cookies in every web session.

Explore how privacy edge works

Know Your Risk. ​

With a web privacy risk score, you get a clear numeric rating of privacy risks on every site and every page of your sites to easily understand, prioritize and mitigate your risk.

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LOKKER web privacy software solutions, Home

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