Privacy Edge gives you complete control of website privacy risks.

Most websites today are inherently not private due to third-party Javascript. This Javascript is usually invisible, dynamic, and promiscuous.

Nevertheless, companies are responsible for these third- and fourth-parties even though they don’t control them, or often even see them.

Privacy Edge gives you complete visibility and control over your third- and fourth-party web applications.

We inspect and catalog your client-side assets in minutes so you know exactly where your customers’ data is going.

We then provide you with monitoring, alerting, and blocking of data based on a simple set of rules that you can customize.

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The scope and spread of the 3rd-party privacy problem is hard to imagine. It is creating the single largest attack surface on the internet.

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Of all data, breaches are caused by vulnerabilities introduced by 3rd-parties.

The avg. cost per record involving personal information.



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