Verify Your Consent Banner is Configured Correctly ✅

We found over 90% of consent banners are improperly configured in our latest online privacy report. 🤯

Complete the short form below, and we’ll perform a complimentary analysis of 5 pages of your website to determine whether the consent banner works correctly and is in or out of compliance with existing and emerging privacy laws. 

The consent verification report examines two common user states when encountering a consent banner: rejecting all or no interaction. Our team then analyzes the implications of each scenario, providing answers to key questions.

  • What cookies, trackers, and tags are active on your website in each user state? 

  • Where are they located (on which web pages)?

  • Did anything load on the site that should have been blocked, given the reject state? 

  • Are there trackers, pixels, or tags loaded on the site that weren’t surfaced in the consent banner?

  • Are there any piggybacking trackers that appear on the site but aren’t placed by the website owner?

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