Patients' health data should be private.

Hidden website pixels and trackers are
putting your healthcare organization at risk.


The percentage of healthcare websites with third-party tracking technology, a source of numerous class-action lawsuits, breaches, and regulatory actions. 

Don’t be next to face legal or regulatory action.

Protect your patients’ privacy with Privacy Edge™. Identify privacy threats, protect web visitors' data, and keep your healthcare organization compliant with HIPAA, FTC rulings, and state privacy laws. Privacy Edge works by:

Privacy Edge web privacy platform, Healthcare

Scanning & Scoring

Get visibility into the entire network of third parties, fourth parties and beyond, who owns them, where they are located, and what data they collect.

Privacy Edge web privacy platform, Healthcare

Monitoring & Alerting

Monitor this array of interconnected third parties for changes in real-time.
Privacy Edge web privacy platform, Healthcare

Protecting in Real Time

Real-time control and protection against unwanted trackers, including unauthorized sharing of PII and PHI in order to protect your customers’ privacy and your company’s reputation.

How Our Healthcare Clients Use Privacy Edge™

Investigate if you have any trackers on your site mentioned in recent regulations, like session recording tools, Meta pixel, etc.

Check your daily Web Privacy Risk Score™ to quickly identify any new risks or changes to your site.

Identify hidden or forgotten web pages putting your site at risk with our page-level risk scores.

Use the dashboard and trend graph to track and report risk improvements over time to executives.
Implement after a privacy incident to demonstrate corrective measures and compliance.
Audit all data collection and sharing on your website and ensure its inclusion in privacy disclosures.

Vet trackers and cookies, and remove unnecessary ones before loading them into the consent management platform.

Privacy Edge web privacy platform, Healthcare

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Relevant Healthcare Lawsuits and Rulings

There’s been a recent spate of lawsuits and violations alleging that tracking technologies, such as trackers, pixels, and cookies, collect sensitive information from website visitors and share it with third parties without the user’s consent. This activity violates data privacy laws like HIPAA, the CPRA, and wiretapping laws. Several companies even consider this type of unauthorized data sharing a data breach to their customers.

September 2020

Glow, a fertility tracking app, reaches a $250,000 settlement with the California AG for violating the Confidentiality of Medical Information Act (CMIA).

June 2022

Meta, UCSF Medical, and Dignity Health sued over sharing healthcare data with the DB pixel under various data privacy laws. Numerous additional class-action suits against hospitals have followed.

September 2022

TikTok settles a $92 million class action suit for sharing user viewing data, violating VPPA, the Video Privacy Protection Act. 70+ similar lawsuits have been filed in the past year.

September 2022

Lawsuits emerge, starting with Zillow, Expedia, and Lowe’s, under wiretapping laws due to marketing trackers.

October 2022

Advocate Aurora Health reports a breach to 3 million patients for the use of the pixel. Other providers have followed. 

February 2023

GoodRx was fined by FTC under HIPAA laws due to patient data sharing. BetterHelp also gets fined for its misuse of online trackers.

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Healthcare News and Resources

Privacy Edge web privacy platform, Healthcare

New Bulletin by OCR Warns Online Tracking Technologies May Violate HIPAA
The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) at the Department of Health and Human Services Issue a Bulletin to Warn HIPAA-Protected Entities that Online Tracking Technologies May be Sharing ePHI…

Privacy Edge web privacy platform, Healthcare

Online Tracking Tools Provoke Patient Privacy Concerns – LOKKER Interview with Healthcare Info Security
Ian Cohen, CEO of LOKKER, discusses how data tracking software added to websites and patient portals can collect the private data of patients in this podcast interview with Healthcare Info Security.

Privacy Edge web privacy platform, Healthcare

LOKKER research featured in HIPAA Journal, “Telehealth Websites are Transmitting Sensitive Health Information to Big Tech Firms”

After a recent study by the Markup found that the majority of telehealth providers share their users sensitive information, LOKKER CEO Ian Cohen weighs in on how and why sensitive data is being shared inadvertently, online every day in this article featured in HIPAA Journal.