Web pixels, trackers and cookies are creating expensive privacy claims.

Are your insureds at risk?

Web Privacy Software for Insurers, Insurance

Protect your cyber book from data privacy claims​

With LOKKER’s Privacy Edge™, you can quickly scan hundreds of your client’s websites to identify third-party trackers, pixels, and cookies that are putting them at risk for privacy violations, fines, or lawsuits.

Privacy Edge™ is a Web Privacy InsurTech Platform Used To:

Power proactive cyber risk management
Identify risk during underwriting
Conduct your Cyber Risk Assessment
Complete your incident response efforts
Enable compliance with privacy policies
Web Privacy Software for Insurers, Insurance

Underwrite privacy risks with greater intelligence with the LOKKER Web Privacy Risk Score™.​

The Web Privacy Risk Score™ by LOKKER is a first-of-its-kind metric to assess privacy risk on your clients’ websites. Quickly determine if your clients’ are at high, medium, or low risk of data privacy violations to guide the accurate underwriting of privacy risks. Plus, you can easily see every threat for every submission from our portfolio view dashboard.

Support ongoing cyber threat monitoring and cyber consulting services.

Privacy Edge also has robust privacy monitoring and forensic capabilities to support cyber consulting services, ongoing client risk monitoring, and incident response efforts.

  • Alert clients of emerging privacy risks on their websites to prevent breaches, lawsuits, and regulatory actions with ongoing monitoring.


  • Easily search for problematic web tools, like session recording tools or social media pixels, which have been the source of many websites across your portfolio of clients.


  • Use Privacy Edge to investigate web privacy claims and determine if sensitive data was shared from a client’s website and to what extent.
Web Privacy Software for Insurers, Insurance

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Relevant Rulings and Lawsuits

There’s been a recent spate of lawsuits and violations alleging that tracking technologies, such as trackers, pixels, and cookies, collect sensitive information from website visitors and share it with third parties without the user’s consent. This activity violates data privacy laws like HIPAA, the CPRA, wiretapping laws and others. Several companies even consider this type of unauthorized data sharing a data breach to their customers.

A Sample of Relevant Web Tracking Lawsuits:

Advocate Aurora says 3M patients’ health data possibly exposed through tracking technologies

Zillow, Lowe’s, Expedia Sued Over Use of Browser Tracking Tech

Oracle Faces Lawsuit for Selling Personal Data With ID Graph Product

Relevant Web Tracking Regulations:

HHS Office for Civil Rights Issues Bulletin on Requirements under HIPAA for Online Tracking Technologies to Protect the Privacy and Security of Health Information

CFPB Warns that Digital Marketing Providers Must Comply with Federal Consumer Finance Protections.   

FTC Explores Rules Cracking Down on Commercial Surveillance and Lax Data Security Practices