Data privacy lawsuits and regulatory actions continue to rise.

Do you have the tools to help your clients?

Over the past year, hundreds of class-action lawsuits related to the Meta Pixel, session recording tools, and other online trackers have emerged with no signs of slowing down. 

Transform Your Privacy Practice with Innovative Technology

LOKKER’s Privacy Edge™ empowers law firms and legal teams with easy-to-use tools to streamline the discovery of online data privacy risks that can support a number of their privacy services:

Privacy Policies and Notices
Identify sources of data collection, like a complete list of trackers, pixels, cookies, and third-party tools on clients’ web properties to include in the privacy policy.
Compliance and Risk Assessment
Identify vulnerabilities and compliance gaps with various state, federal, and international laws during a risk assessment, like CCPA, GDPR, wiretapping, and consumer fraud laws.
Data Privacy Litigation

 Use Privacy Edge to investigate allegations of potential web privacy violations, with an audit trail and documentation of all data collected, shared, from which pages, and with whom.

Data Privacy Software for Law Firms, Law Firms

How does Privacy Edge Work?

Privacy Edge is a data privacy platform that quickly scans, identifies, and can block third-party pixels, trackers, and cookies that may collect and share customers’ data and violate privacy laws. 

  • The dashboard surfaces trackers and a host of other privacy-related threats in minutes.

  • Drill-down capabilities provide detailed information about the type of threat, which page(s) it’s found on, what data is being collected, if it’s being shared, and if so, who’s receiving that data. 

  • Client-ready reports and detailed privacy information are exportable to supplement privacy policy creation, forensics gathering, or to include in a compliance risk assessment. 

  • Privacy Edge also provides legal teams a way to check for the correct implementation of consent management tools like Do Not Sell links, consent banners, etc.  

Know Your Clients' Risk.

Our web privacy risk score is a clear numeric rating of privacy risks on every site and every page of a client’s site to easily understand, prioritize and mitigate their risk. Power your privacy advisory services with a portfolio dashboard that presents all your clients’ web privacy risk scores in one place.




Data Privacy Software for Law Firms, Law Firms

Get Ahead with Privacy Edge™

Navigate the evolving complexities of the data privacy landscape while delivering effective legal solutions with Privacy Edge. Boost your team’s productivity and confidence with software that automates the manual and tedious information-gathering tasks for your practice’s privacy services. This can have lasting effects that can help your firm:

Grow Revenue

Take advantage of the explosion of privacy cases. With the proper tools, you can take on and close more privacy-related cases quicker and get paid faster.

Improve Client Relationships

Resolve cases faster, pass on cost-savings from efficiencies, and keep them informed with easy-to-understand reports and information. 

Increase Profitability
Take on minor forensics work in-house and set rates accordingly.

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Data Privacy Software for Law Firms, Law Firms

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The surge in lawsuits against companies due to third-party data collection on their websites comes from the growing concern over online privacy and data protection. Some attorneys see this as a new opportunity to provide their services. These lawsuits are often filed under wiretapping statutes, such as the federal Wiretap Act and state equivalents, which prohibit the interception of electronic communications without consent.

Data Privacy Software for Law Firms, Law Firms

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