Block Unauthorized Data Sharing on Your Website

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Privacy Edge web privacy platform, Solutions
Privacy Edge web privacy platform, Solutions

LOKKER’S web privacy platform gives you control over what data comes into the browser, what is allowed to go out, where it is allowed to go and ensures your site complies with your privacy policy.

Protect Your Customers At Their Endpoint -
The Browser

Privacy Edge Protects By:


Scanning Your Website
Compiles a list of all 3rd-, 4th, and Nth- party apps associated with your company’s website

Icon/Black/Identifying Risks

Identifying Risks
Identifies 3rd-party apps that fall into one of our eight threat categories and provide a list of ‘privacy priorities’

Icon/Black/Blocking Threats

Blocking Threats
Cross-references and automatically block 3rd-party apps that appear in our database of known threats


Monitoring and Alerting
Automatic daily monitoring with real-time alerts for emerging threats 

Identify Unauthorized Pixels, Tags and Trackers

Gain Visibility and Control
With Privacy Edge.

LOKKER provides visibility and control over third, fourth and Nth party web applications collecting and sharing data from our website visitors, making it possible to:

Be compliant with privacy regulations

Build relationships with customers based on trust

Keep customers and companies protected

Explore how privacy edge works

Track Threats. Take Action.

LOKKER has identified eight significant javascript threats that indicate your customers’ data is at risk of being exposed, shared, or stolen. We identify the 3rd-party domains that match these threats, monitor them, and notify you the instant a threat becomes critical and requires action.

Malicious software has been added to the domain.

PII (Personally Identifiable Information)
The domain is collecting and/or distributing your customer’s PII (name, address, social security number or other identifying number or code, telephone number, email address, etc.).

Session Replay
The 3rd-party app is using tools to record, save, and replay website visits from real users.

The web browser is creating a unique visitor profile by capturing data points including type of computer, web browser, and internet provider used.

Small bits of code have been placed on a webpage as hidden JavaScript or links to help advertisers monitor advertising activity.

Young Domains
The website or URL of a domain that has been registered less than one year and is considered ‘new’ or ‘young’.

The “Secure Sockets Layer” certificate, which is an indication of a site’s authenticity and functions as certification of secure data transfer when using the site, is expired or invalid.

Foreign Domains
Content or script on the website domain differs from the location where the domain was originally registered.

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Simple, no-code integration.

Part of owning the online customer experience is taking responsibility for customer privacy. With Privacy Edge, you can implement safeguards without disrupting your carefully curated web experiences. 


Privacy Edge will keep you informed of any changes to 3rd party cookies, ad servers, and trackers—ensuring your marketing vendors are also aligned with your objectives. 

Ensure your consent management platform is in sync with actual site activity. With Privacy Edge you can ensure that cookies are properly identified and cataloged. 

With Privacy Edge, you obtain visibility to vendor scripts that may be collecting your customers’ information and maintain control over information—what is arriving, what is leaving, and where it is going.

Each browser is just another ‘endpoint’. With Privacy Edge, you now have a simple mechanism to monitor and control the edge. Powered by Lokker Intelligence, Privacy Edge automates monitoring for PII leaving your site, malware loaded on your site, and any foreign domains making requests.  

A Powerful Platform for Our Partners

How Can I Use Privacy Edge?

• Manage an unlimited number of client websites from one Privacy Edge
• Get real-time alerts of suspicious activity for all of your managed websites
• Export reports from the Privacy Edge dashboard and easily share with
your clients

Why Should I Use Privacy Edge?

• Enhance your browser security offerings
• Provide a complete view of your clients’ security posture
• Speed to value with an extremely intuitive and easy-to-use platform
• Ready-to-download reports automate complicated report building
  and make client updates easy 

How Can I Use Privacy Edge?

• Integrate Privacy Edge as an app within your cloud platform, or as part of your cybersecurity offering
• Manage implementation, support, and communication for your

Why Should I Use Privacy Edge?

Provide additional value and differentiated solutions by including ‘Edge services’
Align offerings with customer demand for privacy-related services
Reduce time onboarding and providing customer support by implementing intuitive, easy-to-use tools
Advantageous pricing model for MSP partners

Looking for Data Without the Dashboard?

Lokker provides data and insights to partner organizations that need to enrich their data modeling to better predict and respond to cyber incidents. Download our data solutions brochure or contact us to learn more.