Why The Web Browser Is A Company’s Greatest Vulnerability

LOKKER recently analyzed more than 170,000 websites to get better understand the scope and scale of web privacy risks that exist, and published the findings in the second edition of LOKKER’s biannual Online Data Privacy Report, published in October 2022.

Privacy Regulations Are Heating Up

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There’s been significant movement on the privacy regulation front in the past few weeks. We’re here to break it down for you, so that if you’re impacted, you can prepare and take action.

Are you doing enough to protect your customers’ data?

Last spring, KPMG conducted a survey, “Corporate data responsibility: Bridging the consumer trust gap,” which digs into the sentiments and behaviors of both the general population and business leaders when it comes to data protection and privacy.

Why LOKKER, Why Now? [VIDEO]

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LOKKER Founder and CEO, Ian Cohen, and LOKKER Chief Commercial Officer, Jeremy Barnett, discuss the impetus for founding LOKKER, including the problems faced by both consumers and companies when

Surveillance Ad Tech & Web Privacy


According to this highly useful resource page from the IAPP, most international privacy laws mandate that companies give their users the right to access, correct, delete, and opt-out of any personal

What is Device Fingerprinting?


Device fingerprinting sounds like a term used to describe how to unlock your phone or laptop using your finger. But that’s not what we are talking

The Privacy Risks of Session Recording Tools


Session recording tools are wildly popular today. There should be no doubt about the allure and potential business benefits of utilizing session recording tools to help website operators, marketers, and UX/UI professionals see how users interact with their websites.

Are schools leaking personal data on their students?


The latest research indicates most are. And the data they are leaking flows to third parties through remote learning apps and school websites. As a society, we have underestimated the threat to children’s privacy presented by online learning applications used by most schools today.