Compliance Check: Is Your Website’s Consent Banner Meeting Privacy Regulations?

We’re thrilled to introduce a new feature on our Privacy Edge platform: consent verification. We recently published a research report and uncovered something quite striking: over 90% of websites load cookies before any interaction with the consent banner (like accepting or rejecting all cookies), with an average of 18 third-party cookies loading before any interaction occurs.

Cerebral fined $7 million by the FTC, New Colorado Law Protects Neurological Data, a Federal Privacy Bill is Gaining Traction, and More

This week has been buzzing with privacy-related news, especially on the legislative front. The U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce Innovation, Data and Commerce Subcommittee hearing discussed the drafted legislation for a new comprehensive federal privacy law, and we saw two state laws passed in Nebraska and Maryland, pending signatures from their Governors.

Comprehensive Guide to Web Privacy Laws and Regulations

This guide provides an overview of privacy laws often cited in web tracker lawsuits. We’ve noted the laws that include a private right of action, which allows individuals to file lawsuits when they believe their privacy rights were violated.