Webinar: Privacy Compliance & Third Party Tracking: An Ongoing Challenge

Tune into a lively discussion between Lokker’s CEO Ian Cohen and FPF’s CEO Jules Polonetsky on the current state of online privacy, including the prevalent privacy risks and compliance challenges that companies face today. This conversation drew insights from Lokker’s latest report on data privacy, which you can download a copy of here.

The key topics covered in their discussion included:

Unauthorized Data Collection – The widespread practice of companies collecting user data through interactions on their websites, often without proper user consent or knowledge. This includes the use of tracking technologies like pixels and cookies.

Legal Risks and Consent Management – The legal risks associated with these data collection practices, and the need for companies to improve how they obtain and manage user consent for data collection.

Data Brokers and Sold Information – The Lokker report is also expected to examine the collection of user data by third-party data brokers, and the subsequent selling of this information.