2023 in Review: The Rise of Healthcare Data Privacy Regulations

This article written for HealthIT Answers delves into the impactful changes in healthcare data privacy regulations enacted in 2023, notably spotlighting the Washington My Health My Data Act (MHMDA). This legislation mandates explicit opt-in consent for gathering specific consumer health data and empowers consumers to litigate against companies for breaches. Key highlights encompass the necessity of a distinct “Consumer Health Privacy Policy” on company websites and the mandate for opt-in consent when sharing data with third parties.

The article provides valuable insights into the shifting terrain of healthcare data privacy regulations, providing a comprehensive breakdown of the MHMDA, covered data types, and requisite compliance controls. It also underscores the heightened risk for companies stemming from the provision of private right of action, enabling individual consumers to pursue legal action for infringements. 

Read the article for a thorough overview of compliance measures and strategies to mitigate potential legal liabilities.