Webinar | Protect Your Clients’ Data From Unwanted Third-Party Tracking

In this webinar, Jeremy Barnett, Chief Commercial Officer of LOKKER, and Al Saikali, Partner and Chair of the Privacy and Data Security Practice at Shook, Hardy and Bacon, discuss the issues and risks surrounding third-party tracking and its implications for companies from both a legal and regulatory perspective. They also discuss how law firms and in-house lawyers can use technology to mitigate and manage these risks for organizations. 

This webinar covers:

  • What the different types of third-party tracking tools are and the risks they present for companies in various industries.
  • An overview of how lawsuits and regulatory actions related to third-party tracking have increased, particularly in healthcare and retail sectors, and what’s driving those changes, like private rights of action included in privacy laws enable individuals to sue for violations, leading to potential damages and federal agencies like the OCR are involved in enforcing privacy rules.
  • How proper disclosures and consent mechanisms can help mitigate risks.
  • How LOKKER’s Privacy Edge tool provides visibility and helps manage website data privacy risks.