Online Data Privacy Report

Your Customer’s Web Browser is Your Greatest Vulnerability

Class action lawsuits related to web privacy violations have exploded in recent months. Trackers, pixels, tags and session recording tools have been placed on millions of websites, which collect data about web visitors’ behavior and preferences and share it not only with the third-parties, but also downstream with a host of other partners. 

LOKKER scanned 170,000 websites to uncover the scale and scope of web privacy risks, like:

  • Which trackers are most prominent in specific industries
  • Besides trackers, what is the prevalence of other web privacy risks across websites (for example, bad SSL, malware, foreign domain traffic)
  • The number and type of cookies being utilized by organizations

Download a copy of our free report to learn how to prepare for evolving data privacy regulations and protect your company against lawsuits, regulatory fines and loss of business that arise from web privacy violations.