Online Data Privacy Report – March 2023

Key Actions Companies and Insurers Can Take in an Evolving Privacy Landscape

The recent burst of data privacy-related class-action lawsuits related to online trackers and social media pixels, plus the recent enforcement action against Sephora under the California Consumer Protection Act and action against GoodRx from the Federal Trade Commission under the Health Breach Notification Rule (both of which relate to their unauthorized collection of web data) indicates that we’re beginning an expansion of US regulatory actions.

This report looks at the prominence of specific third-party risks across 170,000 websites and then dives deeper into the frequency of risks on individual sites. Using our proprietary risk score, we have examined how much ‘website privacy risk’ is present at the individual website level across various industries and the S&P 500. In short, we found that far more companies, and therefore insurers, are at risk of regulatory actions and lawsuits related to data privacy.

Our report dives into our web privacy research results and further outlines actions that companies and insurance agencies need to take to protect themselves in an evolving web privacy ecosystem.