Online Data Privacy Report – March 2023

Our report dives into our web privacy research results and further outlines actions that companies and insurance agencies need to take to protect themselves in an evolving web privacy ecosystem.

Online Data Privacy Report

LOKKER scanned 170,000 websites to uncover the scale and scope of web privacy risks and found more than 1.5 million privacy risks lurking on websites. Download the research report to learn more.

LOKKER Featured on Privacy Tech Talk Podcast

Privacy Tech Talk Podcast

LOKKER’s Chief Commercial Officer, Jeremy Barnett, sits down with an interview with Fahid and Carlos, the hosts of the Privacy Tech Talk Podcast. It’s a great discussion about the state of web privacy and LOKKER’S mission to make web browsing a safer experience.

Trackers, Pixels & Tags – Who’s Exploiting Your Website?

Facebook pixels, Twitter links, advertising cookies– most of these third-party scripts are also trackers that collect customer data and share it with a host of downstream partners. Join us for a deep dive into browser privacy risks and the emerging privacy laws that could wreak havoc with your web ops.

MarTech Interview with Ian Cohen, Founder and CEO at Lokker

Why should marketing teams take a proactive approach to customer privacy, and how can they do so effectively? LOKKER Founder and CEO, Ian Cohen, provides practical advice for marketing leaders in this interview with MarTech Series, and talks about martech tools that can be used for customer privacy. Read the full article here.

Are you doing enough to protect your customers’ data?

Last spring, KPMG conducted a survey, “Corporate data responsibility: Bridging the consumer trust gap,” which digs into the sentiments and behaviors of both the general population and business leaders when it comes to data protection and privacy.