2022 Holiday Shopping Data Privacy Report

LOKKER conducted a study of the Top 100 e-commerce sites in the U.S. to determine how they used trackers, pixels, and cookies to collect, analyze, share, sell, and resell our personal information. The takeaway: shoppers unknowingly shared their personal data through a variety of web tracking technologies this holiday season.

LOKKER Launches Privacy Edge PRO™ to Help Companies Identify Cyber Threats Across Large Portfolios of Web Properties and Comply With Data Privacy Laws

LOKKER, provider of data privacy and compliance solutions for the enterprise, today announced the availability of LOKKER Privacy Edge PRO™, a cloud-based software solution that automates the rapid analysis of thousands of websites; identifies specific trackers, pixels and cookies; and alerts website owners when their customers’ personal information is at risk.

Online Data Privacy Report

LOKKER scanned 170,000 websites to uncover the scale and scope of web privacy risks and found more than 1.5 million privacy risks lurking on websites. Download the research report to learn more.

LOKKER Featured on Privacy Tech Talk Podcast

Privacy Tech Talk Podcast

LOKKER’s Chief Commercial Officer, Jeremy Barnett, sits down with an interview with Fahid and Carlos, the hosts of the Privacy Tech Talk Podcast. It’s a great discussion about the state of web privacy and LOKKER’S mission to make web browsing a safer experience.

Trackers, Pixels & Tags – Who’s Exploiting Your Website?

Facebook pixels, Twitter links, advertising cookies– most of these third-party scripts are also trackers that collect customer data and share it with a host of downstream partners. Join us for a deep dive into browser privacy risks and the emerging privacy laws that could wreak havoc with your web ops.

LOKKER Web Privacy Tools [Video]


Privacy is a team effort. Give your team the power of visibility and control with LOKKER. LOKKER’S web privacy platform empowers all stakeholders – marketing, information security, legal and executive teams – with a solution to make their website fast, compliant, private and safe.