Identify Privacy Threats Across Your Entire Client Portfolio


Quickly scan thousands of websites to identify third-party trackers, pixels, and cookies with one tool.

Privacy Edge™ PRO - Advanced Website Threat Detection & Response

Privacy Edge PRO provides continuous monitoring and reporting of any critical privacy risks across your entire portfolio of clients’ websites:


Identify social media trackers and cookies

Icon/Black/Identifying Risks

Set scanning/alert schedules

Output .csv files to create custom reports

Privacy Edge web privacy platform, Privacy Edge Pro

Use Privacy Edge PRO™:

For proactive cyber risk management across your portfolio of clients

During underwriting assessments for cyber insurance policies

As part of your Cyber Risk Assessment and compliance with latest Data Privacy Laws

Immediately following a cyber incident to gather detailed information about presence of third-party actors on the site

To provide on-going compliance with privacy policies and disclosures

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Proactive Cyber Services

■ Get visibility and alerts across your entire portfolio of client websites

■ Expand your MDR services with new data privacy offerings

■ Create new monthly retainer revenue

■ Avoid costly class action lawsuits for violating data privacy laws
■ Avoid legal actions and investigations by state and federal regulators
■ Demonstrate proactive and industry-standard data protection practices in the event of a breach or legal action

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