The 3rd-party app problem is real.

Most companies today are leaking their customers’ personal information to third parties (and beyond) through their websites, and this is unacceptable on many levels. To see if you are leaking data, please use our Free Web Page Privacy Scan today.



Lokker is the new standard in website privacy.

Our privacy automation platform enables you to identify when and where your customers’ information is being disclosed. From a data loss prevention and third-party risk management perspective, we allow you to set rules that automatically allow, block or anonymize the customer data used in your website operations. And all of this can be done without impacting the operation of your website. We invite you to learn more about Lokker and take a proactive role in protecting user privacy online.

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The scope and spread of the 3rd-party privacy problem is hard to imagine. It is creating the single largest attack surface on the internet.

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Of all data, breaches are caused by vulnerabilities introduced by 3rd-parties.

The avg. cost per record involving personal data.

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