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Websites were not built for privacy. Your customers and privacy regulators are forcing this to change. Lokker’s privacy solution gives companies the visibility and control they need to manage client-side web applications and user tracking tags with ease.  Our solutions address the underlying privacy issues in web architecture to enable zero-trust level control over the client-side.

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The scope and spread of the 3rd-party privacy problem is hard to imagine. It is creating the single largest attack surface on the internet.

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Of all data, breaches are caused by vulnerabilities introduced by 3rd-parties.

The avg. cost per record involving personal information.

Pricing plans and options

We offer privacy vunerability scans, website privacy monitoring, & conitinuous privacy management solutions all with flexible pricing options.
Privacy Scanning
Single Page Scan
Basic Privacy Report
Basic Assessment
Website Monitoring
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Scan & Report (Up to 20 Pages)
Advanced Privacy Report
Advanced Assessment
Privacy Guardian
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Site Monitor
Detailed Privacy Report
Detailed Assessments
Block, Share, or Anonymize
Compliance Activity Report
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