The 3rd-party app problem is real.

The internet was not built for privacy. Most websites are leaking vast amounts of personal user information through integrated 3rd-party code. This stealthy exfiltration of personal information from the client-side is putting companies and their customers at great risk of privacy violations and increasing exposure to cyber attacks like MageCart. To reveal the extent of the problem for your website, please use our Free Web Page Privacy Scan today.



Lokker is a new model for web privacy.

Our privacy automation platform enables Continuous Privacy Monitoring and Protection (CPMP). We give companies complete visibility and control over their customers’ interactions and privacy on the web. Lokker can give you this enhanced privacy and security without impacting the operation or performance of your website. We invite you to learn more about Lokker and take decisive action to implement practical Privacy by Design into your web operations.

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The scope and spread of the 3rd-party privacy problem is hard to imagine. It is creating the single largest attack surface on the internet.

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Of all data, breaches are caused by vulnerabilities introduced by 3rd-parties.

The avg. cost per record involving personal information.

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