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We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

Is Lokker configurable? - YES

  • Rules-based on Geography, domain, tag
  • Blocking outbound data – allow, disallow or anonymize

Does Lokker break any functionality? – NO

  • Lokker’s Privacy Platform rewrites any domain on the fly. This enables you to block, share, or anonymize user data to retain application functionality.

Does Lokker increase latency? – NO

  • We can conduct latency tests to verify before implementation.

Can Lokker detect code changes? – YES

  • Lokker can be customized to detect different types of changes

Can Lokker recognize inconsistent patterns? – YES

  • We enable configurable rules based on geography, tag, material changes
  • You can set alerts in flexible formats to match your existing alerting systems

Can we run Lokker to do permanent cleansing? – YES

  • That is exactly what Lokker was designed for

Can Lokker capture and log all code changes? - YES

  • Lokker has a commit log and can display who checked in what to the code
  • Lokker offers a detect new script library
  • Actions: add to daily report, alert, block
  • Capability to log all files to Splunk

How does Lokker fit into a CDN?

  • Lokker was engineered to deploy using any CDN
  • Cache rules can be configured

Is a private Lokker instance available? – YES

  • A private Lokker instance can be spun up on any cloud provider as needed.

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