Beyond Consent – Online Privacy Needs Better Tech

In this report, we’ll share the latest insights of Lokker’s Privacy Edge™ analysis of 90,000+ websites across 11 industry segments and the trends that are impacting customer […]

Beyond Consent – Online Privacy Needs Better Tech

In this report, we’ll share the latest insights of Lokker’s Privacy Edge™ analysis of 90,000+ websites across 11 industry segments and the trends that are impacting customer […]

Lokker's Privacy Terminology Guide

Lokker’s All New Guide to Privacy Terminology

To help us all better understand what we’re dealing with this Data Privacy Week, we’ve decided to create a clear and simple explanation of the web privacy […]

Lokker Breaking News

Privacy Tech Innovator Lokker Partners With Stay Safe Online as 2022 Data Privacy Week Champion

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (SAN FRANCISCO – JAN. 20, 2022) – An unprecedented majority of consumers (86%) are deeply concerned about their online privacy, as 62% of business […]

IT Leader Survey Results

Cyber Privacy Risk Management Survey [INFOGRAPHIC]

We surveyed 100 IT leaders to see how they managed client-side user data access by third parties and discovered widely accepted operational practices that seem at odds […]

Listening to the Needs of our Industry to Build the Best Privacy Solution

We surveyed over 200 IT leaders to see what they needed most from their security information event management (SIEM) tools, and we used their responses to develop […]

Surveillance Ad Tech & Web Privacy Illustration

Surveillance Ad Tech & Web Privacy

Surveillance Ad Tech is working counterproductively to privacy regulations putting people and companies at risk.

Website Privacy Testing Image

Website Privacy Testing: What Is It & Why Companies Need It

Companies worldwide need website privacy testing to determine how much user information is being used by 3rd party applications.

Scheme Flooding Bug Post Header Image

Cross-Browser Bug “Scheme Flooding” Enables New Way to Track Users

Beyond cookies & VPNs There are many other ways to track us online, including Canvas and Browser Fingerprinting.  Even if you take precautions to protect your online […]

Lokker on Threat Technology

Lokker on Threat.Technology

Lokker’s VP of Marketing, Kurt Lohse, was interviewed by Threat Technology to discuss the company and its web privacy solution.

Website Privacy Fine Blog Post Header Image

Privacy Fines: It’s No Longer If But When

If your website is built like most, you are a likely candidate for a privacy fine. Find out why fixing user privacy loss is a technical problem you need to address.

Are schools leaking personal data on their students?

The latest research indicates most are. And the data they are leaking flows to third parties through remote learning apps and school websites. Remote Learning Apps: feeding […]

Fingerprinting article header image

What is Device Fingerprinting?

Identifiability on the Internet: it’s not just the identifiers you know about Device fingerprinting sounds like a term used to describe how to unlock your phone or […]

The Privacy Risks of Session Recording Tools

Session Recording Tools Session recording tools are wildly popular today. There should be no doubt about the allure and potential business benefits of utilizing session recording tools [...]

Privacy Matters: How to Regain Control of Your Website?

With website data privacy, let's face it, we've lost control You might be surprised by how little of your website’s code actually belongs to you. In a [...]

How Do Proxy Technologies Enhance Security & Privacy?

Use of Proxy Servers On the internet, proxy servers act as filters, passing requests from one server to another while making modifications to the communications more or [...]

Data & Privacy Breaches: How to Protect Yourself

Data Breaches Stem from Privacy Breaches Most consumers think of a data breach as something small—the password they used when they signed up for that now non-existent [...]

Online Privacy: What’s Really Going On?

You’ve read the headlines: Company X under investigation for data mining. Social media giants questioned by Congress about privacy concerns. Users report seeing ads mirroring their search [...]

Am I Just Paranoid or Are My Phone and Virtual Home Assistants Listening to Everything I’m Saying?

Paranoia or something else? You or someone you know has probably gotten an ad for something you were recently talking about. Seemingly seconds after saying you’re low […]

Help! AI Is Invading My Privacy!

Privacy and AI It’s easy to compartmentalize the idea of digital privacy. “Whatever,” we may think. “No one is interested in my life.” Then we watch something [...]