Are you doing enough to protect your customers’ data?

Last spring, KPMG conducted a survey, “Corporate data responsibility: Bridging the consumer trust gap,” which digs into the sentiments and behaviors of both the general population and business leaders when it comes to data protection and privacy.

LOKKER Web Privacy Tools [Video]


Privacy is a team effort. Give your team the power of visibility and control with LOKKER. LOKKER’S web privacy platform empowers all stakeholders – marketing, information security, legal and executive teams – with a solution to make their website fast, compliant, private and safe.

Why LOKKER, Why Now? [VIDEO]

Lokker Video

LOKKER Founder and CEO, Ian Cohen, and LOKKER Chief Commercial Officer, Jeremy Barnett, discuss the impetus for founding LOKKER, including the problems faced by both consumers and companies when

Cyber Privacy Risk Management Survey [INFOGRAPHIC]


We surveyed 100 IT leaders to see how they managed client-side user data access by third parties and discovered widely accepted operational practices that seem at odds with common sense privacy standards.

Help! AI Is Invading My Privacy!


It’s easy to compartmentalize the idea of digital privacy. “Whatever,” we may think. “No one is interested in my life.”
Then we watch something like The Social Dilemma that explains how companies — and Russian hackers — use AI