Protect your site from unwanted pixels, trackers, and tags.

With so much third-party activity behind the scenes of your website, it’s nearly impossible to manage where all that data is going.

LOKKER gives website owners complete visibility and control over unauthorized web applications to protect companies from financial loss and reputational harm.

Block Unwanted Trackers And Cyber Criminals. Automatically.

LOKKER Intelligence monitors, alerts, and blocks data based on a simple set of rules that can be easily customized. 

Our no-code integration makes it simple for your web team to proactively protect your customers and your company from unauthorized activity.

Our advanced Privacy Edge platform:

Inspects your website

Identifies risks

Blocks & monitors threats

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LOKKER web privacy software solutions, Home

Gain Visibility and Control
With Privacy Edge.

With Privacy Edge from LOKKER, you can take the first step to delivering a safer, more private web experience.

Take control of your privacy obligations:

Build trust with online customers

Maintain your reputation

Ensure compliance

Explore how privacy edge works

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LOKKER web privacy software solutions, Home

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