Lokker on Threat.Technology

Lokker on Threat Technology

I recently sat down with the good folks at Threat.Technology for an interview to discuss Lokker, the 3rd-party app problem, and how we can help companies implement the technical capability to shore up their websites to protect their users’ privacy better.

Read the full article here: Lokker Wants to Give You Total Control Over Your Website’s Data

Our mission at Lokker is difficult and vital.

Getting the world to realize that almost every website in operation today has a major privacy flaw that is giving dozens if not hundreds of 3rd parties free access to their users’ personal information is something most cybersecurity professionals find very hard to believe until they see it with their own eyes or until they get fined. Getting the companies who cater to 80% of the global population to fix their websites, whether they pay for a solution like Lokker or not, will mean that we have helped broadly educated the world to this critical issue and helped convince them to make the internet more private and safe for all of us.

We recognize we can’t go it alone, and we appreciate any and all media like #ThreatTechnology who are willing to help us spread the word about the web privacy problem and the available solutions out there like Lokker that were designed to protect people and companies from privacy intrusions. If you are in the media and would like to interview our executive team, please reach out and contact us today via any of the contact us buttons, links, or forms on this website.

Kurt is an experienced marketing and sales executive with a passion for privacy and technology. From the background of a successful media and content agency entrepreneur, Kurt delivers fresh insights by making connections between tech, marketing, security, and personal freedom and responsibility.