Protecting the privacy of businesses and customers

Our Mission

At Lokker, we believe freedom and security rely on our collective ability to protect privacy. Furthermore, we believe we have the right to control who sees our private data online and restrict how it is being used because this level of control is required to keep the internet a vital resource for good.

Lokker gives companies instantaneous control over third-party data collection and risk so they can protect their customers’ privacy and comply with new privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA. We help companies achieve their Privacy by Design goals. In pursuit of this mission, Lokker provides the most effective solutions to control unauthorized sharing of private data online. By offering diagnostic scans, privacy management tools, consent management, and data access governance, we help companies see and act more decisively concerning their privacy management capabilities. We strive to enhance the privacy standards of all companies so that they can earn higher degrees of trust with their customers and add more value to their brands.

Our Story

The story of Lokker is rooted in the passions of our leaders, accomplished technology, security, and privacy experts at the top of their respective fields, coming together to actualize the dream of making the internet more private. In overcoming the immense challenges rooted in protecting private data, especially with the recent explosion of cloud applications, the process of developing practical solutions required deep technical experience, thoughtful analysis, and bold creativity.

Lokker assembled a team of world-renowned experts in the fields of technology, content delivery, and privacy to join in a singular mission to give companies centralized visibility and control of all of the data leaving their sites. Lokker’s core technology acts as a privacy gateway for your integrated apps and offers companies around the world robust capabilities to scan, monitor, and lock down the private data (and metadata) they use to operate their business.

During the development of our solutions, we created an industry-leading privacy trust scoring system that compares thousands of businesses by their relative degree of customer data sharing. It is our highest priority to continue to develop solutions that enable complete control over private data access in ways that positively affect us all. We believe doing the right thing also makes excellent business sense and are committed to achieving our goals through hard work, high ethical standards, and leading by example.

Ian Cohen

Founder & CEO

Ian is a leader in financial technology businesses. He serves on the board and is an advisor to multiple FinTech companies. Prior to Lokker, he was the General Manager and Chief Product Officer at Experian Consumer Services, as well as the Chief Executive Officer of

Andrew Robinson

Founder & Chairman

Andrew is a respected and influential leader, bringing deep security, engineering, operations, architect, and business development experience to successful programs at tech startups and established brands alike.

Michael Talyansky


Michael is a highly experienced technologist, previously having worked at AT&T Labs, Silicon Graphics, Cisco, ChinaCache, Ericsson, and a multitude of Silicon Valley startups.

Alexei Tumarkin, PhD

Founder & CTO

Alexei is a seasoned internet technologist, with extensive experience in both corporate and academic realms. At Lokker, Alexei leads technological innovation and operations strategy and execution.

Our Code of Business Conduct

We believe acting ethically and responsibly is synonymous with running a good business. Our Code of Conduct was written to be the accumulation of the highest operational standards. In order to fulfill our promise to our customers, employees, vendors, communities, and investors, we will always conduct our business with their collective best interests at heart. The actualization of our corporate goals will always align with our keen awareness of the individual and collective actions we take as a company. For these reasons and more, our code will include guidance on acceptable and unacceptable individual behavior, buying practices, vendor relations, personnel management, community interaction, product development, conflict resolution, legal negotiations, education, workplace safety, and more.

Help us assure privacy for all